Roopnath, 84 km from Jabalpur, is famous for a Lingam dedicated to Shiva and placed in the cleft of a rock.

Chausat Yogini Temple
Situated atop a hill rock and approached by a long flight of steps, the Chausat Yogini Temple commands a singularly beautiful view of the Narmada flowing through the jagged Marble Rocks. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this 10th century temple has exquisitely carved stone figures of deities belonging to the Kalchuri period. According to a local legend,this ancient temple is connected to the Gond Queen Durgavati's palace through an undergroung passage.

Tripur Sundari Temple
About 12 kms from city on bhedaghat road in village Tewar "Tripur Sundari Temple" is situated.

Vishnu Barha Mandir
This is another very famous temple in Sihora Tehsil of this District. Some other interesting places are . Jain Temple(Pisanhari ki Madiya) ,Pariyat Tank, Bargi Dam, Lamheta Ghat, Devtal, Bhadbhada.

14 km from Katni. Many pieces of ancient sculpture have been found here.

81 km from Jabalpur, Nohta is believed to have been the capital of the Chandela kings in the early 12th century. About 2 km from the village of Nohta is a Shiva temple, where a Kartik fair is held annually. A few Jain ruins can also be seen in Nohta.

Mandla & Ramnagar
95 km south of Jabalpur, Mandla is known for its fort which is situated in a loop of the Narmada river so that the river protects it from three sides, with a ditch on the fourth. Built in the late 17th century, the fort is now subsiding into the jungle, although some of the towers still stand.

About 15 km away is Ramnagar with a ruined three- storey palace overlooking the Narmada. The palace and then the fort were both built by Gond kings, retreating South before the advance of Moghul power. Near Mandla there is a stretch of the Narmada where many temples dot the riverbank.

101 km from Nagpur on N.H. No 7 (26 km from Seoni) lies Rookhad, a charming retreat in Bison country. Rookhand is a wildlife sanctury adjacent to the Pench National Park.




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